Social support

The Company's social support activities for employees are governed by the following internal documents:

  •  Collective bargaining agreement;
  •  KEGOC Human Resources Policy 2018 - 2028
  •  Rules on social support for workers;
  •  Rules for the promotion and recognition of employees.

The above policies apply to all employees of the Company, including temporary and part-time employees.                                                                                                       

In accordance with these documents, the following types of social support are provided to KEGOC employees

1) material assistance;

2) compensation payments;

3) assistance with housing issues.

In order to create favourable conditions for efficient work and increase loyalty, KEGOC provides social support to the Company's employees: recreational financial aid when providing paid annual leave, for anniversary date, in connection with the birth of a child, in connection with the death of an employee, employee's family members and pensioners registered with KEGOC, for payment of medical treatment of an employee and disabled children, disabled since childhood, regardless of the disability group and age.

Also, KEGOC shall pay maternity leave, leave for employees who have adopted a newborn child (children), with retained average wage less the amount of social payment for loss of income in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, adoption of a newborn child (children) made in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on compulsory social insurance.

In 2022, the Company started granting social leaves with pay in cases of marriage registration, childbirth, funeral of close relatives, anniversary celebrations (50, 60 years old) and women, single fathers, guardians raising children from 6 to 9 years old - the first day of the school year, parents of graduating class - 1 (one) day, on the school's "last bell" day. Vacation days are also provided for preventive vaccinations and to parents with disabled children up to the age of 18 years old with pay.

In addition, in accordance with the Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Company grants leave without pay to an employee to care for a child up to the age of three years: at the choice of the parents - the mother or the father of the child; the parent raising the child alone; another relative who is actually raising a child without parental care, or a guardian; the employee who has adopted a newborn child (children). An employee may use the leave to care for a child up to the age of three years in full or in parts. The employee shall retain his/her job (position) for the period of leave. In case of quitting work before the expiry of the leave until the child reaches the age of three, the employee shall notify the employer of his/her intention one month in advance. Thus, in 2022 such leave was granted to 73 employees of the Company (1 man and 72 women). Twenty-nine women returned from maternity leave in 2022.   

In 2022, the Company assisted 117 employees in resolving housing issues through partial reimbursement of housing costs in the amount of KZT 127.7 million. Also, in 2022, KEGOC's Management Board approved the KEGOC Soft Loan Programme, which aims to provide social support to employees in order to retain and attract the highly qualified personnel demanded by the Company. To date 157 applications of KEGOC employees for preferential mortgage loans have been considered by KEGOC Social Support Commission, of which 45 employees are collecting necessary documents, searching for relevant accommodation and applying for mortgage loans. Applications from employees who have not been approved, other than those not eligible for the Programme, will be reviewed by the Commission as financial resources become available.

In order to improve human resources capacity, KEGOC provides employees with the opportunity to study at the Company's expense for long-term training programmes such as second higher education, master's degree, doctoral studies, etc. Thus, in 2022, 2 employees were trained under MBA programme and 1 employee under EMBA programme.

Employees of retirement age are paid compensation upon their retirement, and lump sum material aid is paid annually for the professional holiday " Power Engineer Day" to pensioners registered with the Company and on Victory Day to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and persons equated to them. E.g., in 2022 the amount of funds allocated for social support of the Company's employees exceeded KZT 332.7 million.

In 2022 the total cost of the Company's employees, including salaries, social support, training, etc. was 31.8 million tenge (in 2019 - 23.2 million tenge, in 2020 - 25.2 million tenge, in 2021 - 26.2 million tenge).