Employee development

KEGOC uses the following main types of staff training to ensure the continuity of the process

· self-study (self-education);

· organised on-the-job training (apprenticeship training);

· short off-the-job training at specialised training institutions.                                

Based on the results of KEGOC’s employee performance evaluation, individual development plans are developed and taken into account in the design of the Training Plan for the coming year.

Staff training was conducted using a full range of modern training methods: business workshops, seminars, trainings, internships, professional development, vocational training and retraining programmes, forums, and conferences.

2,385 employees were trained in the reporting year, which is 54.5% of the total headcount. Actual training expenditures of KEGOC in 2022 amounted to KZT 182.5 million or 54.5% of the plan, which is 43.4% more than in 2021.

The total number of training hours was 110,534.0 hours.

The average annual number of training hours per employee was 27.6 hours, 

  Men    Women  Administrative and management personel Operational personel 
Total number of training hours
96 938, 5         13 595, 5      14 890 95 644
Average number of training hours per employee 27,7 26,9 27,1 27,6

The Company has implemented KEGOC’s Leadership Development Programme 2018-2022.

Programme 1 provided training to 1,185 people (27%) on the following topics:

  • “Coaching Skills”;
  • “Public speaking skills”;
  • "Managing people;
  • “Teamwork”;
  • “Change management (project manager)”;
  • “Digital executive”;
  • “Strategic management”;
  • “Global digital trends”;
  • “Change management (sponsor role)”;
  • “Value management”;
  • “Strategic management. Reboot 2020 for CEO1”;
  • “Mentorship”;
  • “Corporate facilitator”;
  • “Team leadership”;
  • “Leadership 4D. Team effectiveness”.

This programme aims to develop the following skills:

- public speaking skills;

- digital leadership;

- cross-functional interaction;

- strategic thinking;

- team development;

- culture-altering leadership;

- change management.

Programme 2 provided training to 176 people (4%) on the following topics:

  • “Conflict management”;
  • “Business coaching”;
  • “Time management”;
  • “Effective negotiation”;
  • “Team leadership”.

This programme aims to develop the following skills:

resolve conflicts of interest, serve as a mediator between disputing parties, and take part in negotiations;

- form and train a team of coaching professionals from within the organisation who will then actively participate in training and development processes as subject matter experts, coaches, and mentors in order to promote and embed a coaching culture;

- increasing team spirit, team building, and detailing the transition from one team to another;

- effectively managing time;

- developing communication skills in employees; and finding solutions to communication barriers.

KEGOC has introduced and operates a mentoring system to improve professional knowledge, skills and abilities of young production personnel, to assist them in their professional development, to preserve competences of experienced production personnel, to adapt them to the corporate culture, to learn the traditions and rules of conduct. The Company annually holds the Best Mentor competition.

KEGOC’s talent pool is being systematically built up: a functional pool and a successor management pool of 219 persons have been approved.